05122010: It’s my birthday toady, finally legal 😀 Still working on newest project, very frustrating but I’ll get it done (hopefully soon) Remember patience is a virtue 😉

Side note: I know there are no galleries , I am working on them but senioritis is a deadly disease 😉 By the way if you want some CS5 tutorials heard over to the mac lab blog, Skocko recorded these himself

05142010: Sitting in the mac lab, next to Christian . Don’t feel like working after my near death experience. I created a new gallery check out my artwork!

05152010: Not much to update, to much of a headache to work on projects. I wont leave you empty-handed though. I just found this interesting article, its worth a click

05162010: Just found this incredible portfolio. The creator of the site & all it’s work is Altaf.K lets all click the link and admire his breath taking work.

05172010: Three hours of fun in the in the Mac Lab! Hoping to finish this text animation today but my patience is running thin!

05182010: Not a lot to report today, hitting the gym pretty soon later. By the way check out the gallery

05192010: I’ve been scouring google in search of inspiration and so far I found this reel I will post more on the “inspiration” page I plan on building later