06022010: Senior year is almost over, finals coming up. For the mac lab final we get to use the Ipad which I think is a cool way to end the year in my favorite class, but before the class of 10′ gets to throw their caps in the air we still have classes to pass. This past weekend I saw the new prince of Persia movie & I must say it was great! I can’t help feeling a little depressed at the fact that we can’t turn back time and relive some of our favorite moments of life. Its been said that there’s never enough time in the day, well I say there’s not enough time in one lifetime to accomplish every goal or dream you may have. Never take for granted the time you have, because time is the one thing we will never get back.

Note: I will not be updating the blog for the week because I have to get to work on projects for the final, but Don’t be scared to visit the blog anyway 🙂