02282011: Trying to come with something to blog about after almost a year of hibernation is very difficult. But just because I haven’t been blogging doesn’t mean I haven’t been tinkering around with after effects. Now I can’t promise any new content in the near future, but I think with my handy-dandy new Iphone 4 I will be posting a lot more. On another note, I was browsing though one of my favorite blogs/websites and came across this interesting article. It’s a good read for all other geeks like myself 😉

03012011: Does the educative system destroy creativity? This was the topic of my English class today. In his speech Sir Ken Robinson argues that all schools systems focus mainly on mathematics and English, and consider art to be an insignificant subject. This blog was created first and foremost so that people could express their love for art, so I naturally thought that the speech would make a great post. In my experience the Mac Lab was the only class I was enrolled in that entirely focused on art. I would love to hear some of your feedback. So you tell me, does education extinguish the creative process?

03022011: I know as a digital artist myself that I sometimes forget the basics of Photoshop or Illustrator because I have learned so much. When I need to familiarize myself with a certain skill I head on over to the Mac Lab Blog Mr. Skocko has tons and tons of great tips so you can take your project to the next level. This is one tutorial I use a lot. Also, If you want to learn some after effects video copilot has some amazing tutorials. So click the links learn something new, and leave a comment, or two. That’s all for this post I have to go learn algebra II now. See ya!

03032011: Late post today, because I was helping a friend retrieve his internet connection (dang drivers!). Maybe I should just use a Macbook Pro ha! (yeah right). Speaking of Apple products the iPad 2 is almost here! Anyway guys have to cut this post short, because I am going to spend the night watching…. you guessed it after effects tutorials! Just found a great tutorial for Photoshop beginners enjoy.